The Hair Pin

I read some articles from internet, and got a very interesting story last week. Here, I want to share it with all of you.

Once upon a time, there were seven beautiful princess living in a castle. Each of them had very long bright hair. The king felt very proud of his daughters' hair, and gave each of them one hundred hair pins made by gold, pearls and jewels. One day, the eldest princess found she lost a hair pin. There were only ninty-nine hair pins on her dressing table. She felt angry and then stole one of the hair pins belonged to the second princess.

Later, the second princess found her lost one hair pin, too. In the same way, she stole one of the third princess' hair pins, and so on, and so on. Finally, the sixth princess stole the youngest princess' hair pins.

Few days later, a very handsome prince living in a kindom nearby came to the castle. He visited the kind and his seven beautiful daughters ,and said, "My nightingale brought back a hair pin from your castle. Someone may have lost it, and I want to give it back to the owner."

The older six princesses all thought that the lost pin should be hers, but no one could prove it because they all had completely one hundred hair pins.

"Oh, I think it may be mine." The youngest princess said. And the handsome prince gave the hair pin to her. And then, as the fairy tale always ends, the prince and the pincess lived happily together for ever.

The short story gives me an idea. Sometimes we may lose something, especially we think it's very important. However, how do we know our loss is by no mean an unfortunate event? We often fill up our loss with a small benefit urgently, but later we will find that there will be a larger advantage coming, too. But it's too late! We can merely let it go because we have filled with other small benefits so eagerly.

Therefore, we shouldn't take our loss so seriously and urgently. We should take it easy. Soon or later, we will find that there might be a better feedback because of your loss. It's also a true wisdom if you take you loss easily!

The older six princess lost their hair pins and only got the same hair pins. The little princess also lost her hair pin but obtained a happy ever-after!


Our presentation !!

Yesterday, I can't help seeing the recording again. It reminded me how happy we were when we were presenting.

Before our presentation day, we had spent much time preparing for it. We saw the movie together, collected the materials, amended the powerpoint, and discussed what is the best way to present our novel. At the same time, we also had lots of jobs to do. It made me very worry about our presentation. Could we prepare it adequately by the deadline?

However, our cooperation was wonderful. All members of our team did their assignment on schedule, and we even rehearsed our presentation at the night before our presenting day. We took the presentation seriously, although we did not really know why we had to be so serious, haha! I think maybe it is because we really enjoyed our cooperation. We had the same goal. We really want to make an excellent presentation!

After the presentation, we ate lunch together to celebrate the finish of our presentation. I'm not sure whether our presentation was good or bad, but the lunch was unusually delicious. We really had done our best, and we enjoyed it.

I especially want to mention that we were getting more acquainted because of this activity. Before the presentation, we didn't really know each other very much. But after that, we knew each other more than we did before. That's the most important thing which I really appreciate, and I hope our friendship will last forever!


What is your favourite book and why?

Pride & Prejudice

Every one may have heard about the famous British novel "Pride and Prejudice." It's a very attractive novel to me because it gives me a beautiful dream about love. It's an amazing, wonderful fairy tale, even though it's composed of many humourous conversations and some bad guys!

The author, Jane Austin is very humourous and observed human beings very precisely. Therefore, the plots of the novel are exactly the same as what really happens around us. Although the story is so normal that it's just talking about five daughters waiting to marry, I still can't wait to know what will happen in the next page!

The main female charactor in Pride and Predudice is the bright, pretty young lady Elizabeth, the second daughter in the Bennet family. I really love her because she always does what she thinks, speaks what she wants to say. She isn't like the other girls in this novel, who are just waiting for their handsome Prince Charming to bring them to his castle. She inspects the people around her and thinks of the purposes people have for doing some specific things. It makes her different from the other girls in the story.

However, although she is the brightest girl in this novel, she is still almost missing the true happiness passing in front of her eyes! And it's just because of her prejudice to the main male charactor Mr. Darcy!It gives me an idea. We sometimes think that our opinions are right when we judge a person. But actually it's somehow biased and unfair. We don't really know him, especially when we get along with him only for short time!

We all think that what we think is right, but is that really true? Are we sure it's not our prejudice?

The author is very lenient. Elizabeth finally gets her happiness because of the firm love from Mr. Darcy. And it is proved that Elizabeth's first impression to Mr. Darcy is not correct! And it makes me think of myself! It's meaningful!

Also, I love the happy ending. It makes this novel more attractive. We are all human, and sometimes make mistakes. But if we examine ourselves and try to make less mistakes, success will finally come!

I recommend this book very sincerely, and hope you enjoy this beautiful love story!


NO.1 JOURNAL~~~for Hebe!!

It's my first blog, and my first blog is composed in English! Wow! What a special experience and how meaningful it is to me!

In my first journal, I want to introduce my best friend, Hebe!Hebe is a black, middle-sized female dog. My brother brought her home five years ago. When my brother did that, my dad wasn't happy because we live in an apartment. It means our neighbors live so close to us. If Hebe shouts, she will bother our neighborhood. Also, all members of my family are very busy. My parents had to work, and my brother and I had to go to school. We didn't have much time to take care of Hebe.

However, I have a very stubborn younger brother. He insisted on taking care of Hebe very firmly. Therefore, my parents accepted his requirement unwillingly.As time went by, Hebe became more and more beautiful day by day. She also became more clever. She seldom shouted and always "went to the toilet" in the same place. Now, including my parents, we all like her very much, she absolutely is the most important member in my family!

To me, Hebe is a very important friend. To my family, she is one of the most important members. Maybe we are very busy and have not much time to play with her, but we will try our best to give her a wonderful sweet home!

We know we will love her for ever!