NO.1 JOURNAL~~~for Hebe!!

It's my first blog, and my first blog is composed in English! Wow! What a special experience and how meaningful it is to me!

In my first journal, I want to introduce my best friend, Hebe!Hebe is a black, middle-sized female dog. My brother brought her home five years ago. When my brother did that, my dad wasn't happy because we live in an apartment. It means our neighbors live so close to us. If Hebe shouts, she will bother our neighborhood. Also, all members of my family are very busy. My parents had to work, and my brother and I had to go to school. We didn't have much time to take care of Hebe.

However, I have a very stubborn younger brother. He insisted on taking care of Hebe very firmly. Therefore, my parents accepted his requirement unwillingly.As time went by, Hebe became more and more beautiful day by day. She also became more clever. She seldom shouted and always "went to the toilet" in the same place. Now, including my parents, we all like her very much, she absolutely is the most important member in my family!

To me, Hebe is a very important friend. To my family, she is one of the most important members. Maybe we are very busy and have not much time to play with her, but we will try our best to give her a wonderful sweet home!

We know we will love her for ever!