The Hair Pin

I read some articles from internet, and got a very interesting story last week. Here, I want to share it with all of you.

Once upon a time, there were seven beautiful princess living in a castle. Each of them had very long bright hair. The king felt very proud of his daughters' hair, and gave each of them one hundred hair pins made by gold, pearls and jewels. One day, the eldest princess found she lost a hair pin. There were only ninty-nine hair pins on her dressing table. She felt angry and then stole one of the hair pins belonged to the second princess.

Later, the second princess found her lost one hair pin, too. In the same way, she stole one of the third princess' hair pins, and so on, and so on. Finally, the sixth princess stole the youngest princess' hair pins.

Few days later, a very handsome prince living in a kindom nearby came to the castle. He visited the kind and his seven beautiful daughters ,and said, "My nightingale brought back a hair pin from your castle. Someone may have lost it, and I want to give it back to the owner."

The older six princesses all thought that the lost pin should be hers, but no one could prove it because they all had completely one hundred hair pins.

"Oh, I think it may be mine." The youngest princess said. And the handsome prince gave the hair pin to her. And then, as the fairy tale always ends, the prince and the pincess lived happily together for ever.

The short story gives me an idea. Sometimes we may lose something, especially we think it's very important. However, how do we know our loss is by no mean an unfortunate event? We often fill up our loss with a small benefit urgently, but later we will find that there will be a larger advantage coming, too. But it's too late! We can merely let it go because we have filled with other small benefits so eagerly.

Therefore, we shouldn't take our loss so seriously and urgently. We should take it easy. Soon or later, we will find that there might be a better feedback because of your loss. It's also a true wisdom if you take you loss easily!

The older six princess lost their hair pins and only got the same hair pins. The little princess also lost her hair pin but obtained a happy ever-after!