Our presentation !!

Yesterday, I can't help seeing the recording again. It reminded me how happy we were when we were presenting.

Before our presentation day, we had spent much time preparing for it. We saw the movie together, collected the materials, amended the powerpoint, and discussed what is the best way to present our novel. At the same time, we also had lots of jobs to do. It made me very worry about our presentation. Could we prepare it adequately by the deadline?

However, our cooperation was wonderful. All members of our team did their assignment on schedule, and we even rehearsed our presentation at the night before our presenting day. We took the presentation seriously, although we did not really know why we had to be so serious, haha! I think maybe it is because we really enjoyed our cooperation. We had the same goal. We really want to make an excellent presentation!

After the presentation, we ate lunch together to celebrate the finish of our presentation. I'm not sure whether our presentation was good or bad, but the lunch was unusually delicious. We really had done our best, and we enjoyed it.

I especially want to mention that we were getting more acquainted because of this activity. Before the presentation, we didn't really know each other very much. But after that, we knew each other more than we did before. That's the most important thing which I really appreciate, and I hope our friendship will last forever!